AI-based Security Appliance Stops MySpace Email Scam

By | January 15, 2009

Espion has announced the discovery of the first email-based MySpace Spam Scam. At 5:35pm EST an email was trapped in our unprotected honey pot. At the same time an identical email was stopped by Espion´s Interceptor anti-spam and security appliance.

The trapped email looks like a legitimate message from MySpace with the subject reading [New message from Richard on MySpace sent on Oct 05 15:40:00 -4 2006]. The spoofed message even contains real MySpace addressing, copyright, and privacy information taken from legitimate MySpace “New message” notifications.

“When someone sends you a message on MySpace, your registered email account is sent a notification email containing a link to your new message. In this case, the link is malicious and tries to steal your personal information,” explains Kurt Thayer, avid MySpace user. The MySpace Scam Site was taken offline soon after the email was trapped due to an overwhelming amount of traffic.

“Espion´s AI anti-spam box, The Interceptor, caught the MySpace Spam Scam message immediately, other less sophisticated anti-spam solutions seem to be having trouble catching it before users fall victim,” says Geoff Shively, CEO, Espion International.

A phishing scam involves tricking a user into visiting a fake or spoofed website that asks for personal information, which then is sent to a malicious hacker or organized crime syndicate who then exploits the information to make money.

“This is a scam, not a worm, though it would be very easy for someone to turn this into a full blown email worm. Given that MySpace sends millions of these ´New message´ notifications each day, many people will be duped by this scam unless we educate the public, fast!” stated Geoff Shively, CEO, of Espion International.

“The predominant anti-spam solutions are highly reactive. Espion´s interceptor is a proactive, self-learning, and extremely effective in blocking spam before users report a message as spam. This is real AI applied to anti-spam to create a real solution to the problem,” said Ryan Smith, President, Espion International.

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