A Day In The Life Of A Chinese Internet Police Officer

By | February 13, 2006

Following the development of science and technology, the Internet has become a major tool for communication and information. At the same time, Internet crime has followed.

Due to the special nature of the crimes, the Internet police needs to have computer-related professional knowledge and they must have experience dealing with Internet crimes. They may not have the experience of having to physically arrest someone, and they look like intellectuals at a scientific research institute, but their heads are filled with leading-edge technology and they know all about computers and networks.

The principal work of the Internet police is to look around the Internet to catch criminals. They monitor the Internet bars, they look for pornographic, reactionary and other harmful material on the Internet and they solve Internet crimes based upon the clues.

There was not the excitement of making arrests, there was no hardship in solving cases, there was no need to carry guns and most of the time, they are in plain clothes looking like intellectuals at scientific research institutes. But their job skills are no less than the crime investigating police officers.

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