8e6 Technologies Offers Laptop Filtering for PC and Mac

By | August 28, 2006

8e6 Technologies has announced the general availability of its new laptop filtering solution for the enterprise market. The new 8e6 Mobile Client enables enterprises to enforce Internet Acceptable Use Policies for all employees using corporate laptops, whether they are logged onto the corporate network or not.

The 8e6 Mobile Client provides a cost-effective way for organizations to protect remote devices from exposure to malware and from the legal liability associated with employees accessing inappropriate content — two problems that can result from unbridled employee access to the Internet. 8e6 Technologies is the first company to have a remote filtering product that works on both PC and Macintosh laptop computers, offering the most comprehensive enterprise solution.

Leveraging technology from Bsecure Technologies, 8e6 Mobile Client allows organizations to enforce the same Web filtering protection to remote devices as to machines that reside inside the network. When an employee leaves the organization´s network and attempts to access the Web, the 8e6 Mobile Client sends a copy of the requested URL to an 8e6 Mobile Appliance located in the organization´s DMZ. This approach provides all mobile laptop users with the same filtering experience outside the corporate network that they receive inside the network, and ensures all employees are governed by their corporate Internet AUP. 8e6 Mobile Client is centrally managed from the 8e6 Management Console, delivering an end-to-end Web filtering solution and streamlining administration.

8e6 Mobile Client highlights include: Automatically senses when the laptop or device returns to the network and defers to normal network filtering; Offers seamless integration with 8e6´s Enterprise Reporter to deliver combined in-network and out-of-network reporting; Part of an integrated solution dedicated to monitoring and filtering Internet access, without impacting network performance; Serves as a management tool for enforcing an organization´s Internet Acceptable Use Policy and complies with filter-enforcing laws such as CIPA, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

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