86% of CallingID Users Regain Trust in Online Banking

By | May 16, 2006

CallingID, leading provider of safe browsing solutions, announced today that a survey run by the company showed that its users utilize the Internet for online banking and e-commerce. 86% of the users reported that they use online banking regularly. This encouraging figure comes a week after eMarketer reported that less than 58% of total US households with Internet connection utilize it for online banking, and a report by Forrester Research that found that less than 50% of European Internet users bank online.

CallingID´s survey, based on 1250 responses, showed that the majority of users employ CallingID to see who owns sites they visit and subsequently, do more business over the Internet. Most of the users said that they use CallingID to make sure they are accessing their real bank’s website. Many of them execute transactions in their accounts.

“Results indicate that web users welcome guidance when surfing the Internet” said Yoram Nissenboim, CallingID CEO, “CallingID succeeded in protecting users from becoming fraud victims, while encouraging them to do more business with real sites. It is a transparent solution that lets the user continue regular Internet activities while providing them with useful information. When they visit a site they know who the owner of the site is and whether it is O.K. to trade with it. When there is a potential risk they are given an immediate warning”.

Analysts around the world agree with CallingID’s approach that fraud detection should be transparent and should not interfere with the convenience of routine use.

CallingID’s toolbar can be downloaded for free from www.callingid.com/download.aspx. Installation is fast and simple. CallingID supports Internet Explorer and Firefox under Windows platforms (98, ME, 2000 and XP).

In addition to CallingID’s toolbar, the company also offers Safety Seal, a revolutionary strong authentication solution, designed to aid banks in regaining their customers trust in online banking. Once installed on the bank´s website, this small software package protects all customers from Internet Fraud without requiring any software installation on their client or the use of accessories such as tokens. The following protection is automatically provided:

1.When a user logs into his web account he knows that he is safe and this is really the site he intended to reach – it is not a phishing site. The site authenticates itself to the user.

2. If man-in-the-middle attack is used, user authentication immediately fails.

3. Even if the user´s computer is infected by hostile software like Spyware, Trojans or Key-Loggers his login parameters cannot be identified by the infecting software. When a user logs into his online account, in cases where such hostile software exists, the hostile software is led to detect a false password while the real password is safely delivered to the site using strong encryption. CallingID uses a special technology that neutralizes hostile software.

Banks and other institutions offering CallingID Safety Seal to their clients now have a way to considerably reduce the risk and concern that their clients have of being scammed, thus addressing their reluctance to conduct business over the Internet. The clients feel that the institution has taken the necessary steps to secure them, and since no complex procedure is added, they can significantly increase their business activities with the institution. We see this solution widely adopted by banks since Safety Seal helps banks comply with the October 2005 FFEIC guidelines.

The institution’s customers will consider it proactive at protecting their interests and removing the barriers for executing online transactions.

A demonstration of CallingID SafetySeal is available at https://db.callingid.com/SafetySeal/

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