47 Million Computers Are Transformed Into Bots

By | April 27, 2006

Security experts at MicroWorld Technologies urges computer users around the world to take note of a recent study which revealed that a startling 47 million computers are transformed into botnets and zombies, controlled by many botmasters.

In the last few months, the security firm MicroWorld has detected a large number of Trojans and Backdoors that can create bots out of PCs used by home and office users. Botnets are then created by a network of such computers taken over by hackers, to launch, direct and manage fraudulent activities, online crimes and malicious attacks. MicroWorld had reported a three fold increase in the number of bots across the globe in year 2005, compared to the year before.

Another disturbing factor is the arrest of many teenagers with unnerving regularity in connection with Botnets. They made big bucks while severely harming millions of computers worldwide. One of them, a Moroccan minor, is facing grave charges of releasing Zobtob worm that affected banks and media companies while another teen is awaiting trial for attacking a hospital in Seattle. Their Undiscerning age and difficulty in prosecuting the under-aged in many countries do not make things any easier either.

“We call these criminal gangs as the Malware Inc!” says Govind Rammurthy, CEO, MicroWorld Technologies. “It’s shocking to see how fearlessly they do business online, making a mockery of authorities. Exploits, Metafile vulnerabilities, Trojans, backdoors, Rootkits are all available to you, ready to buy or made to order! You can hire a bulk of bots for spamming half the world or for launching a targeted Denial of Service attack.”

Many a times, the conmen snared by the police are the low level bot herders. Their real controllers might be sitting in the Far East, Russia or Brazil who elude the reach of law enforcers. Using new firewall Technologies and stealth mode of operation they leave nothing to chance in hiding their IPs and whereabouts.

“This grim scenario does not mean that all is lost. Some basic measures will ensure that such malware can never gain entry into your computer. That’s why our solution eScan monitors every file movement in Real-Time with the most powerful Antivirus Engine that quickly updates cure for every new and emerging virus. Beside, MicroWorld has also developed a highly advanced Heuristic method that checks future threats. Any day, we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure,” affirms Govind Rammurthy.

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