2X to give away 100,000 application publishing solutions

By | April 7, 2006

2X today announced that it will offer 100, 000 free versions of 2X ApplicationServer – its application publishing solution – in a bid to make application tunneling affordable to all. With 2X ApplicationServer companies can seamlessly tunnel any Windows application onto remote desktops, without having to install the application onto each user´s machine. Companies can save significantly on administration and support, as well as allowing remote users to connect to corporate applications easily and securely.

“Application publishing offers companies significant advantages: By not having to install, update and maintain corporate applications locally, administrators can save time and reduce support incidents. Furthermore, application tunneling allows users to access corporate applications securely from anywhere in the world. To date, application publishing solutions have been expensive and complex to install. With the free version of 2X ApplicationServer companies can benefit from application tunneling without burning a hole in their pockets,” said Nikolaos Makris, 2X President.

The first 100,000 visitors are entitled to a free 5 application license of 2X ApplicationServer for Windows Terminal Services. Organizations can install applications onto one central server and use 2X ApplicationServer to seamlessly tunnel up to 5 applications per server onto remote desktops. Click here to obtain the free version.

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