Monthly Archives: February 2007

Magnifying the Value of ID Management Technology

During the past couple of years, Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) has made its way into the security mainstream. Many companies have found NBA’s flow-based approach to be more effective, easier to manage and less expensive than traditional, perimeter-based security solutions, such as firewalls, antivirus and intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS). Recently, NBA capabilities have been expanded… Read More »

Avoid Wasting Money on Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is the final word in proving that technical compliance and good security practices are in place – or so it should be. But how do you know if you’re getting a good service or not? What if the consultant performing the test is inexperienced? What is the impact on quality if the consultant… Read More »

Lavasoft Personal Firewall

Lavasoft Personal Firewall is targeted for small and medium-sized business organizations and home users, providing seamless and powerful protection for both. This firewall product comes with simple configuration, “tick in the box” options and powerful, easy to use controls. Coupled with Ad-Aware SE Plus or Ad-Aware SE Professional, it is a great help to keep… Read More »

Password Malpractice: Are You Guilty?

The explosion of passwords in today’s enterprise has created a sea of holes in the security infrastructure. Some CIOs have responded to the challenge by bringing in the lifeboats, figuratively speaking, but in many cases the password-related security risk remains largely unchecked and even ignored.

Windows Permission Identifier

This tool enables administrators and penetration testers to review and audit the permissions of users on a windows machine. Windows Permission Identifier checks for: File ACLs, Folder ACLs, Registry ACLs, Services Permissions, Shares, Installation rights and Internet Access.

AES Password Manager 2.3 released

AES software has announced the availability of AES Password Manager 2,3, the latest version of their password management application that allows users automatically access password-protected web sites and email accounts.

IBM safeguards against Microsoft vulnerabilities

IBM’s security division, Internet Security Systems, offers protection from several critical vulnerabilities announced by Microsoft. The vulnerabilities include a flaw discovered in Microsoft’s core anti-virus engine.

Ensuring a Successful Partnership with Your MSSP

Securing information assets has become a highly complex function demanding significant investment in process definition, security expertise, systems, and infrastructure. Compounding these challenges, it requires internal alignment between the various business units, IT organization and security teams to ensure the tensions between availability and security are well balanced. Security is also a 24×7 function, as… Read More »

Steganos LockNote

LockNote is an open source software enables users to quickly and easily protect confidential notes, passwords, addresses, phone numbers or other sensitive information. LockNote looks and acts like a normal text file; however, it can only be opened with a password chosen by the user. The encrypted memo can be saved to a USB stick… Read More »