Monthly Archives: December 2006

Microsoft unlikely to lead anti-virus sector

Natalya Kaspersky, CEO of Internet security firm Kaspersky, says that Microsoft is unlikely to be the leader of the anti-virus sector, despite the security enhancements of Vista and its own anti-virus product.

Security flaws threaten Christmas shoppers

There has recently been a considerable increase in online transactions due to Christmas shopping. The security of these transactions could be seriously compromised due to multiple vulnerabilities affecting computer systems.

The insecure pleasures of wi-fi

Today I was travelling in the Netherlands by train. One of the great things is that major stations have their own wi-fi access. When we stopped at a station, as usual I wanted to check my emails while waiting for the train to move on. Once I established a connection with the access point and… Read More »

On the path to success with Voice over IP

The 5 million mark was reached in July 2006. That´s how many licenses have already been sold by Siemens Communications for VoIP solutions based on the SURPASS hiQ 8000 and hiQ 4200 platforms. The lion´s share of this outstanding figure is accounted for by the U.S. cable operator Cablevision and the Dutch carrier KPN. Cablevision… Read More »

Firefox gets security updates

Mozilla has released a set of updates for its Firefox web browser and for two other software packages: Thunderbird email client and SeaMonkey, a suite of programs that includes a chat program and a web site creation tool.

TamoSoft CommView Network Analyzer

TamoSoft has release the next version of CommView network analyzers for Windows 2000/XP/2003: CommView 5.3 for wired networks and CommView for WiFi 5.3 for wireless 802.11 a/b/g networks. CommView and CommView for WiFi are powerful network monitors, analyzers, and protocol decoders.

Keep Your Identity Safe This Christmas

Identity thieves love Christmas too, and with many of us traveling abroad or visiting family and friends, it´s the perfect time for them to steal your identity. Even airline boarding pass stubs can, in some cases, contain enough information for identity fraudsters to steal your identity.

Compliance and the Director

“While investment behind compliance is generally viewed as a necessary cost burden, Unilever hopes to exploit the deployment of this ECM solution also to derive value for its business for example by analysing the nature of weaknesses in its global financial processes and therefore implementing the necessary process improvements,” says Williams.

Compliance and the Director

There has been more compliance legislation written into law over the past decade than in the previous century. Compliance operates at three distinct levels: The type that applies to industry specific sectors; The broad national or international laws and regulations that apply to everyone; The internally defined policies and practices that organisations need in order… Read More »