Monthly Archives: November 2006

Data Guardian: Secure your personal data

Securing personal information is one of the most important issues it today’s world. Everyday computer users and IT managers are constantly looking to protect sensitive data from being compromised by external hackers or malicious insiders.

Virtual recovery to the rescue

For most businesses, ‘protecting the data’ – getting it out of the building – is the lynchpin that all other disaster recovery aspects rely on. But often, other measures need to be considered in order to ameliorate data replication and provide a robust business continuity solution. One of these is to transform the existing IT… Read More »

The Means to an Endpoint Security

If administrators are still unsure about the device or want to allow controlled access, then a Protected Workspace is available. Protected Workspace (PWS) allows you to restrict end users from printing, saving files, or storing information on a client (e.g. laptop) accessing the SSL VPN device. It restricts users to a temporary workspace on the… Read More »

The Means to an Endpoint Security

As SSL VPN remote access systems – that is, technology used to connect internal company resources and data to people working from home or on the road – becomes more mainstream, and organizations extend their internal infrastructures to users who are not necessarily employees, endpoint security has become an increasing concern.

Spam free inbox with SPAMfighter

SPAMfighter is an anti-spam solution for Outlook and Outlook Express. In contrast to traditional anti-spam products that rely on filters and rules, SPAMfighter utilizes its users, who instantly report any spam email they receive, to provide protection from the latest spam and phishing attacks.

Security Myths

The IT world is full of myths and legends circulated via email or simply spread by word of mouth. These legends are not the infamous hoaxes or chain letters, but assume that certain things are true, when they usually aren’t. However, they are so difficult to prove that they are accepted as true without any… Read More »

Apimac ships Secret Folder 4

Apimac has announced Secret Folder 4, the Mac OS X software that provides simple and easy way to protect personal documents. The latest version is a universal binary release – can run on both Intel and PowerPC Mac computers. Several improvements to product stability were also added.

Oleansoft Hidden Camera tracks employee desktops

Oleansoft has announced the release of an update version of Oleansoft Hidden Camera, a two-side system for remote desktop monitoring and control. Improvements in version 250×1 target remote control capabilities. It is now possible to not only transmit messages to clients, but also block or otherwise interfere into activities which are not work-related. Work with… Read More »