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Sustainable IT Compliance

But it´s not just that the volume of email and IM data is exploding. These records are also now commonly subpoenaed and presented as evidence in court. As a result, email, files, and attachments must be easily accessible to authorized legal personnel to search and review for legal discovery. Failure to do so can be… Read More »

Sustainable IT Compliance

IT compliance. It´s a phrase that resonates throughout every enterprise today, from the data center to the boardroom. And it´s not hard to see why. In just the last few years, IT compliance has emerged as an ongoing, critical business function that has a profound effect on an organization´s growth and success. IT compliance may… Read More »

Nokia adds Snort to its IP Security Appliances

Nokia has announced plans to offer Sourcefire´s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) on its portfolio of high-performance IP Security Platforms. Nokia Intrusion Prevention with Sourcefire will provide enterprises with defense-in-depth by analyzing network traffic to discover risks, determine their business impact and take actions to defend the network.

Security and SOX: Are CIOs Missing the Boat?

When it comes to Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, at least, many compliance and security experts contend CIOs are actually insufficiently involved, and often supplanted by chief financial officers (CFOs). That doesn´t bode well for companies´ other compliance efforts.

CP Secure and Kaspersky Partner to Stop Web-Based Spyware and Viruses

CP Secure and Kaspersky Lab announced today that they have formed a strategic alliance to add Kaspersky Anti-Virus scan engine to the CP Secure Content Security Gateway real-time anti-malware appliances. The CSG now uses dual scan engines and stream-based scanning technology to provide customers with the most comprehensive and reliable gateway anti-malware scanning solution on… Read More »

Tandberg Data acquires Exabyte

Tandberg Data, the only European data storage company that manufactures tape drives, tape automation, tape libraries and disk sub systems, today announced the acquisition of the US data storage company Exabyte Corporation for $28 million. The merged company, with an expected revenue of $215 million for 2006, will be the second largest player in data… Read More »

First Quantum Cryptographic Data Network Demonstrated

A joint collaboration between Northwestern University and BBN Technologies of Cambridge, Mass., has led to the first demonstration of a truly quantum cryptographic data network. By integrating quantum noise protected data encryption with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), the researchers have developed a complete data communication system with extraordinary resilience to eavesdropping.

Critical Security Hole in SAP Database MaxDB

A critical security hole in the SAP DB and MaxDB databases allows attackers to gain control over the service. SAP-DB/MaxDB is a heavy-duty, SAP-certified open source database for OLTP and OLAP usage which offers high reliability, availability, scalability and a very comprehensive feature set.