Monthly Archives: August 2006

BitDefender Mobile Antivirus Released

BitDefender has announced the release into open beta of BitDefender Mobile Antivirus v2, an antivirus scanner designed to protect mobile devices (like PDAs and smartphones) which are running Symbian 60, Symbian 80 or Windows Mobile as an operating system.

Developing Security Policies: Rules vs. Risk

The likelihood that an organization´s assets are insufficiently safeguarded against threats is very high. This protection shortfall against loss, damage or compromise is known as risk.

The End of the Worm Era

It´s not the end of threats or of malware, but many classes of attack have seen their best days. The advantage has shifted to the defense. Jose Nazario, blogmaster of the Worm Blog, noticed something interesting about the recent MS06-040 vulnerability.

Top 5 Security Settings to Audit

The security of your Windows environment is constantly changing. Whether a computer has just been installed or if it has been running for years, there is a great chance that it does not meet the security standards that you have for computers in your organization.

CipherTrust Edge 2.1 Provides Defence Against e-mail Borne Threats

CipherTrust has announced CipherTrust Edge 2.1, an enhanced version of its network perimeter security appliance. Powered by the Company’s TrustedSource global reputation engine, CipherTrust Edge protects IT resources against dangerous e-mail threats and can effectively reject up to 80 per cent of e-mail connections by identifying them as originating from a malicious source.

VIA PadLock Makes Application Security Easy for Programmers

VIA Technologies has released the VIA PadLock Cryptographic Service Provider(CSP), a software module that enables the Microsoft Cryptographic Application Programming Interface (CryptoAPI)– used by programmers to enhance security in applications – to offload much of the security heavy-lifting to the VIA PadLock Security Engine integrated directly into VIA C7 family processors.

Beijing: Number One Hot Spot For Malware Attacks

Beijing took over from Kuala Lumpur as the major source of malware during August, according to managed security company Network Box. The company’s security responses blocked more than a million viruses, worms and Trojans daily, the majority of which originated in Eastern Asian countries, with China, Hong Kong and Malaysia heading the list.

Kristanix Software Released Password Generator Professional 2006

Kristanix Software has announced the release of Password Generator Professional 2006. System administrators, webmasters, software developers and all those, who need to strengthen their information security, can make good use of the program. It creates secure and flexible passwords.

Privatefirewall 5.0 Blocks Known and New Malware Threats

Privacyware has announced the latest upgrade of its desktop defense software, Privatefirewall 5.0, a multi-layered endpoint security product designed to help individuals and businesses protect Windows desktops and servers from malware and unauthorized use.

Sustainable IT Compliance

Adoption of such a framework simplifies communication, validates the controls with auditors and regulators, and reduces the effort required (and, therefore, the cost to the organization).