Monthly Archives: June 2006

Service Providers Must Protect Customers from DDoS

The recent case of Blue Security, where the reverberations of attacks from criminal spammers brought down hundreds of ordinary web users and small internet companies, has highlighted the vulnerabilities within major internet services. Many service providers have not been fully equipped to deal with the high-level DDoS and DNS amplification attacks that are increasingly occurring.

Do you really need WEP or WPA?

The wonderful thing that most SOHO wireless device manufacturers are promoting is encryption. WEP, being the most commonly used encryption method available, appears to be used in about 48% of most wireless installations, based on past experiences while wardriving–while 2% being WPA, and the rest being completely in the open. Thanks to WEP and WPA,… Read More »

Exploring the x64-treme heights of the Internet

Having released two major Windows versions for the x64 architecture (also known as ‘AMD64’), Microsoft has opened the door to inexpensive 64-bit computing for just about everybody. At the 2005 Virus Bulletin Conference I presented a paper on the x64 architecture, detailing how known 32-bit viruses and rootkits interact with it.

PHP Top 5 Attacks

PHP is a very popular language with many flawed security features. Every PHP developer and hoster should understand the primary attack vectors being used by attackers against PHP applications. This article is the underlying research behind the SANS Top 20 2005´s PHP section. The methodology used in the preparation of this article is to review… Read More »

Arcot Systems Receives 2006 Digital Authentication & Security Product Innovation of the Year Award

Arcot Systems, Inc., a leading provider of multi-factor authentication, credential management, and digital signature solutions, today announced the company has won Frost & Sullivan´s Digital Authentication & Security Product Innovation of the Year Award. Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company, recognized Arcot for its development of the ArcotID(R), a unique software-only solution for… Read More »

Web-based Spyware Hits to Pass the Million a Year Mark

Finjan is advising enterprise CIO´s that web-based spyware is the number one threat to their businesses. Finjan´s Malicious Code Research Centre (MCRC) estimates – based on a number of security audits conducted at large organisations and businesses – that a single enterprise can expect on average over million instances a year of employees accessing Websites… Read More »

Bocada NOWTM Delivers Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Data Protection Management Platform

Bocada, Inc., the widely recognised leader in data protection management software, today announced the launch of Bocada NOWTM, a revolutionary program that simplifies the acquisition and implementation of the company’s award-winning Bocada® Enterprise software. Bocada NOW is a unique marriage of a flexible, subscription pricing model, a streamlined customer engagement practice and a rapid deployment… Read More »

Low Assurance SSL-based Phishing Attacks Against Banks and Credit Unions accounted for 33% of all phishing attacks in May

Comodo Inc., a global Certification Authority and leading provider of Identity and Trust Assurance (ITA) Management solutions, announced today major expansion of the Comodo Mutual Authentication (MA) initiative to help consumers re-establish trust in online financial interactions through an innovative new PKI based mutual authentication verification solution.