Monthly Archives: March 2006

Why Compliance is NOT the Answer

Since the late nineties, thousands of corporations have been poring over their financial documents, consulting legal experts, overhauling their IT infrastructure, hiring compliance chiefs, and doing everything else humanly possible to comply with regulations like Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), the Gramm Leach Blilely Act (GLBA) and HIPAA (the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Add to… Read More »

StreamShield Delivers Next Generation Clean Internet Pipes Solutions for IP Networks

StreamShield Networks, the leader in real-time internet content security, today announces availability of release 2.1 of its clean internet pipes technology enabling network operators and service providers to deliver the most advanced range of IP-based content security services within their networks. Additionally, StreamShield also announces that it has joined the Cisco Technology Developer Program as… Read More »

PGP Comments on DTI Information Security Breaches Survey 2006

The DTI Information Security Breaches Survey 2006 (pdf) has found that only 25% of UK businesses use encryption to send messages to business partners, highlighting that many businesses are leaving sensitive and confidential data contained in emails open to interception. PWC, which carried the survey out on the DTI´s behalf, has claimed that one of… Read More »

Using the Metasploit Framework to Disprove Computer Security

In the computer security ecosystem, the exploit is king. There is certain mystique about the lines of code that can vanquish a system and entice it into doing ones bidding. These same lines of code embody the power that the exploit writer wields in the electronic world; the power to influence and control the code… Read More »

The Price of Online Privacy

At the grocery store the other night, I bought a half-pound of turkey from the deli. Only when I got home I discovered that they gave me ham by mistake. I went back to return the errant cold cuts, but before the store clerk would wait on me, he asked me for my name and… Read More »

CipherTrust Advances Prevention And Detection Of Phishing And Brand Spoofing

Continuing its initiative to restore trust in messaging communications and prevent phishing attacks, CipherTrust, Inc., today launched (available at, a free online resource where legitimate organisations may register their Websites and receive notifications of online fraud attempts. The site ultimately helps safeguard organisations and end users by detecting phishing scams that fraudulently use… Read More »

Malware: Wading Through the Jargon

Knowing the jargon is the first step to protecting your data and your computer system so that you can concentrate on more important work or play. This is the definitive guide to all you need to know about malicious code. Malware has been with us since 1981.

Altiris Delivers Integration of Security Vulnerability Assessment and Configuration Management

Altiris Inc. (Nasdaq: ATRS), a pioneer of service-oriented management solutions, today announced Altiris security assessment and vulnerability compliance features have been integrated into the Altiris architecture to help provide a centralized approach to eliminating security vulnerabilities. In addition, Altiris now offers new policy files for users, groups and heterogeneous systems for comprehensive, audit-ready security compliance… Read More »

RealNetworks Selects StrongMail as Email Delivery Platform

StrongMail Systems, Inc., the innovation leader in email infrastructure software, announced today that RealNetworks(R) has chosen StrongMail as its email delivery platform for marketing and transactional communications. StrongMail provides an email solution which improves deliverability rates and increases message relevance for outbound email initiatives.

VoIP Security: A layered approach

Integration of communication services into the IP network infrastructure, and the Internet especially, is natural course that was started long ago with e-mail, continued with instant messaging and now taken one-step further with integration of standard, classical services like telephony. Voice over IP – the transmission of voice over packet-switched IP networks – is one… Read More »