Monthly Archives: March 2006

New spam technique delivers results for spammers

SoftScan announced today that in a bid to beat detection and increase the likelihood of their messages being read, spammers are increasingly using a new twist on joe-jobbing (forging the sender’s email address) that may lead to organisations abolishing the bounce back message.

SSL VPNs Play Central Enforcement Role in Network Access Control (NAC), Says Leading Analyst

Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Networks (SSL VPNs) have a central enforcement role to play in Network Access Control (NAC) architectures, according to leading analyst Jeff Wilson, Infonetics Research. As the NAC architecture is envisioned by Infonetics Research, an SSL VPN device can serve as the secure gateway and the policy enforcement point, controlling access… Read More »

VoIP Top 10 Tips for IT Directors

It is essential to involve all your company departments in the decision to go VoIP. Understand what the technical benefits are and articulate them across your business in terms of benefits to each department. Buy-in like this will ease deployment and help to generate the business case.

Anti-Phishing Tips You Should Not Follow

Today every other online banking website features the anti-phishing tips page intended to teach an ordinary computer user how to fight those annoying emails collecting your personal data. While this educational initiative is praiseworthy, many of the tips, and some of them originate from security experts, are in fact questionable, incorrect, or misleading.

Rixler Software releases Excel Password Recovery Master

Excel Password Recovery Master presents a breakthrough in existing technologies of password recovery. The application of selective strategies to Excel versions and protection types results in the astonishing efficiency of password recovery. The program resolves password problems in a blink and does it gracefully.

Open-Xchange Inc. Extends Free Support for 300+ Mobile Devices

Open-Xchange Inc. today has announced that it has added more than 100 mobile phones and other devices — including the popular Treo family — and will extend its offer of supplying the Open-Xchange SyncML OXtender free of charge through January 2007. Now, users of the popular open source collaboration server can seamlessly connect and interface… Read More »

iSafe: Store Personal Data Securely on Your Mac

As an Internet user, you need to keep track of passwords, accounts information, names and much more. One solution is to store everything on your computer and take the risk that anyone can gain access to your valuable information. iSafe is a security solution that will relieve you of the password management chore, while offering… Read More »

Peer-To-Peer Trojan Worm Attacks Enterprises

Security experts at MicroWorld Technologies inform that Trojan.Win32.Inject.t or W32/Inject-H is a new peer-to peer worm with IRC backdoor Trojan capacities. Inject.t can run in the background of a computer by working as a Server that allows a hacker to control the system via IRC channels.

Symbian Commercial Spyware Released

It seems someone has developed a trojan that can be used on a Symbian mobile phone to record information about the victims mobile call usage and SMS messages. The malware application is called Flexispy and it sends the captured information to a remote server. Flexispy is interesting as it was written by a commercial company… Read More »

McAfee VirusScan buffer overflow vulnerability

McAfee ViruScan anti-virus software is confirmed as affected to remote type buffer overflow vulnerability. The vulnerability is caused due to a boundary error in a 3rd-party compression library´s (DUNZIP32.dll) old, vulnerable version used when handling packed signature files.