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VoIP Telephony: Benefits for Businesses

Voice-over-Internet Protocol, or VoIP service, has been talked about for a number of years but is now being adopted by mainstream businesses in order to save money as well as deploy powerful new capabilities for end-users.

VoIP Telephony: Benefits for Businesses

Steps for Establishing VoIP To achieve convergence, companies can purchase an on-premise Internet protocol enabled phone system (IP PBX). Or they can lease a hosted Internet protocol Centrex service (similar to traditional Centrex, but IP-enabled) through which telecom equipment is housed by the supplier and features are delivered remotely. Hosted telecom services are gaining in… Read More »

Review: SmartLine DeviceLock

Businesses have spent millions protecting their corporate email and gateway servers from a vast range of security threats such as, malware and identity theft and data loss. But with USB memory, portable storage and media devices, IT professionals take no steps to monitor the usage of these devices, therefore ignoring the threat of internal security… Read More »

Small Businesses are Vulnerable to Security Attacks

Study from the Small Business Technology Institute and Symantec reveals that more than half of small businesses have experienced at least one security incident in the past year. The study titled “Small Business Information Security Readiness” confirms that small business are increasingly vulnerable to attack and urges the adoption of security technology to protect information… Read More »

Microsoft to Acquire FrontBridge Technologies

Following right of Microsoft’s purchase of nonexclusive rights to Finjan’s source code, Microsoft announced its intention to acquire FrontBridge Technologies, a company specializing in providing secure managed messaging solutions and services.

Symantec Products Hit by Critical Security Flaw

Security firm Secunia reported Tuesday that a high-risk security vulnerability affects Symantec’s products, across both Windows and Macintosh platforms. The vulnerability could allow hackers to take control of a system remotely.

Data Management for Compliance

Compliance, Regulation and Statutory Legislation have become increasing burdens for the long-term storage of data. Legislation operates in tandem with a fierce economic climate that is keeping a tight grip on budgets and is dictating that IT operates with fewer skilled resources, whilst demands for service intensify. It is clear that a way must be… Read More »

Quick facts on CyberThreats

Some facts on cyber threats from Symantec Corp.´s regular security updates. North American computers are the source of more than half the spam worldwide, most of it related to commercial products such as porn, cut-rate drugs and financial services.

Santa Claus Worm Targets IM users

A Santa Claus worm is attempting to trick instant messaging users into clicking on a file that delivers unwanted software to user’s computer. Victims who click on the file see an image of Santa, but what they are less likely to notice is a so-called rootkit payload being installed onto their system.