Monthly Archives: November 2005

Console viruses?

This year has seen a succession of news stories about malicious code affecting numerous devices, going beyond the concept of the typical ‘computer virus’. We have had the first viruses for cell phones, followed by malicious code for cars with Bluetooth technology, then along came a virus for the Sony PSP videogame console, and a… Read More »

Why Managed Services are Overlooked?

The term ´managed service´ is often incorrectly used to simply mean the same as outsourcing, however the two terms describe approaches to IT management which, while undoubtedly related, are in reality quite distinct.

Making Email Secure and Available

Email is no longer simply a business communications tool. It is now the business communications tool, one of the most critical enterprise applications, and the primary method organizations use to collaborate. As a result of its popularity, email also serves as a repository for most business transactions, as well as strategy to intellectual property.

Security – Down The Pan?

They say that travel broadens the mind, and I have recently discovered a new phenomenon – the Secure Toilet. On a recent trip to Switzerland, I visited a restaurant that secures the toilets with a digital lock. Both the ladies and the gents have a key-pad on the door, and with the right combination you… Read More »

The Many Unseen Benefits of Single Sign-On

The Access Control/Identity Management products that advertise single sign-on capabilities provide benefits that dramatically enhance a company’s technology infrastructure. These benefits focus on the ability to build a common centralized security infrastructure for the web based assets.

IT Security Breach? Don’t Just Step In CSI Style

In every company in the UK there is likely to be a PC, and therefore an IT security breach is almost inevitable. These are the findings of the 2005 National High Tech Crime Unit report into the effect of computer crime on businesses. With incidents ranging from misuse of company email to theft of intellectual… Read More »

Every Business has Information Security Problems

When we think about information security breaches, it’s easy for thoughts of pimple-faced cyber criminals and technical hacking mumbo jumbo to fill our minds. But it’s not quite that complex. In fact, there´s a higher-level information security problem going on inside practically every organization big or small that makes the technical security issues seem miniscule.

Choosing A Short Range Wireless Technology

You only need to visit a few web sites to discover that the current drive in technology is to make everything wireless. In the same way that the fractional horsepower motors revolutionised consumer product design in the sixties, followed by transistors in the seventies and microprocessors in the eighties and nineties, wireless is set to… Read More »

Web Application Security: More Budget Needed

It seems that every week there is another instance of identity theft, and stolen data. Industry experts report that these crimes are netting more than $50 billion annually for the criminals and leaving the victims with endless problems.