Monthly Archives: October 2005

AirDefense, Trapeze Protect from Wireless Risks

AirDefense and Trapeze Networks announced they have signed an agreement to provide a new integrated security solution that will provide customers with a single integrated view of their network and helps mitigate wireless potential security risks.

Hacker Protection for Your Web Applications

Your Web applications can be the most important and most vulnerable entry point into your organization, and, as such, ensuring adequate hacker protection in your Web applications can be critical.

new maxtor onetouch solution hits a terabyte

Industry’s First Consumer Storage and Backup Solution with Easy, User-Configurable RAID; Innovative Design and Additional New Features Improve Durability and Data Protection for Creative Professionals and Small-business Users

IIM: A Catalyst for Change within the Enterprise

When the document company Xerox implemented its ‘Change for Growth’ programme – a company-wide initiative to prepare for the opportunities and challenges posed by the digital revolution. A key part of the scheme was to align its products with its various vertical markets.

Combating Cardholder not Present Fraud

Of the security issues facing banks everywhere, prevention of card fraud has always been a high priority, and is set to grow even further in importance. The level of card fraud has risen significantly over recent years, caused in the main, by the explosion in the number and usage of payment cards and the associated… Read More »

The Rise of the Phishing Scam

As the BBC’s new drama series “The Hustle” demonstrates, the urge to defraud unsuspecting individuals and organisations is – for some people – too tempting to resist. Indeed, making a living out of successfully pulling off cons is often portrayed as glamourous and exciting, although the truth is somewhat different.

Freedom from security

Enterprises are no longer restricted to the networked systems bounded by the building in which the company is housed. Modern enterprises span the globe and employees can easily access the corporate network from outside the office, opening many more productivity channels.

Phishing: Don’t get hooked!

The summer of 2003 witnessed the birth of a new type of Internet-related fraud scheme. The fraudsters themselves have nicknamed the scheme “Phishing”. And rightly so: they fish for the naпve end user’s static PIN code, bank account information or credit card number and expiration date.

Laptop Liabilities

How many employees would dare to sit at their desk and use their PC to surf internet porn, download the latest number one hit from Kazaa or play an online game of poker? It is fair to say that probably not many (although you could argue that one instance is still too many).

How ‘Good’ is Your Security Policy?

If asked the following question, “How good is your Security Policy?” what would the response be from your organisation? Chances are that most respondents would initially reply in a positive manner.