Monthly Archives: September 2005

Cisco, Trend Micro fight virus outbreaks

Cisco Systems on Tuesday is expected to announce a set of threat prevention features its networking products, including a virus protection service it has developed together with Trend Micro that is designed to slow the spread of worms inside the network.

Review: SpyWall

Spywall is a Windows-based sandbox and firewall tool designed to protect Internet users from attacks that can be launched through their web browser. By sandboxing the web browser, Spywall ensures full protection from unauthorized access to the user´s computer.

The need for data storage education

A recent report published by IDC concerning the issue of European enterprises mastering data protection, found that 25% of the respondents did not have a disaster recovery plan in place. One of the big complaints for defending the absence of a disaster recovery strategy was that there was a lack of data storage technology available… Read More »

Phishing attack targets Yahoo! Photo users

A new phishing attack targets Yahoo! users’ login credentials. Phishers are turning to secondary sign-on pages of a legitimate area of the portal, and trick users to login into the page with their user name and password.

Bluetooth users put businesses at risk of data theft

Businesses are at risk of corporate data theft as employees leave their Bluetooth devices opened and unsecured, according to a survey examined Bluetooth-enabled devices in London. The survey reveals that one in ten devices is opened to eavesdropping by hackers.

Businesses keep ignoring mobile seucrity

A survey among CTIA Wireless IT conference attendees reveals that despite significant concerns about the security of their mobile devices, a majority have not taken measures to protect themselves.

Finger On The Pulse Of Identity

The contours of the finger, the patterns of the iris and the shape of the hand can all be used to provide strong authentication, but are these – and other – biometric technologies sufficient to provide good security while also ensuring the privacy and trust of end users?

Symantec Hooks Up Anti-Phishing Company

Symantec Thursday announced it is planning to acquire WholeSecurity, maker of behavior-based anti-phishing solutions. The acquisition will help the company to expend its limited anti-phishing products. Financial details were not disclosed.