Monthly Archives: August 2005

Tuning maid storage for backup and archive data

Companies are generating data faster than ever before. This growing amount of data needs to be secure and easily accessible to be of value. In addition, performance demands are greater than ever before. Backup windows are under pressure and therefore favor high bandwidth. Shorter recovery time objectives (RTOs) are needed for fast restores and quick… Read More »

Routing Worm: A Fast, Selective Attack

Most well-known worms, such as Code Red, Slammer, Blaster, and Sasser, infected vulnerable computers by scanning the entire IPv4 address space. In this paper, we present an advanced worm called “routing worm”, which implements two advanced attacking techniques.

Latency, Packet Loss and Encryption using DES with a VPN

Security is at the top of the list in today’s world concerns. The need for encryption is extremely vital in the business place. We start talking about the need for encryption, 128, 192, 256 and higher bit encryption methods. Does this affect the transmission rates of file transfer enough to warrant the use of higher… Read More »

FireFox Loses Shares in July

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has gained back some market shares from the open source web browser FireFox, according to NetApplications figures this month. This is the first time that FireFox has faltered in its rise against Internet Explorer.

Zotob Worm Affects Windows Users

A new Internet worm has been detected that can infect Microsoft’s Windows platforms, using the loophole in Window’s plug-and-play interface, faster than any previous worm. The worm could allow attackers to take complete control of a system.

Application Optimized Storage

According to Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Storage Index survey, a growing majority (55 percent) of IT directors now rate storage management as their single most important investment. However, when assessing the efficiency of these storage solutions, many companies make the fundamental mistake of measuring technological performance rather than how their storage investment will contribute to… Read More »

Most Businesses Leave Gaps In Wi-Fi Security

The Diffusion Group´s survey explored the computing behavior of small to medium businesses (SMB), analyzing the reasons SMB´s choose to establish computer networks, the popularity of wireless networks, and how businesses go about protecting these networks.

Identity Fraud is Preventable

With the continued advancement of technology in personal computers and scanners, the creation of false identification documents has become as commonplace as golf on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. False documents are an easy way for fraudsters to enter financial institutions and access personal information.

Top Ten IT Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Working with IT Managers on a regular basis allows me to see some great management styles and some equally poor ones. There are ten major mistakes that I see IT Managers make on a regular basis. Some of these errors have even cost some managers their jobs. While there are certainly more than ten, if… Read More »

Making Telework: Security Is Not the Issue

Telework provides flexibility in the locations where employees may perform their jobs. Some call it telecommuting, flexiwork, flexiplace, or enabling a remote work force. Telework lets employees work at home, at an alternate office closer to home, or at other defined locations.