Monthly Archives: August 2005

Businesses Ignoring Email Security Risk

Businesses are ignoring an obvious security flaw in their outbound email management policies, according to findings of a new research. More than half of businesses do not take any actions to protect against improper sending of confidential emails.

Implementing Principle of Least Privilege

The Principle of Least Privilege is not a new concept, but the push to implement it on production networks has never been so important. This article will go over some of the most common configurations that you can make to implement these principles and reduce the possibility of an attack from a typical end user.

Spam, Viruses Tops IT Security Concerns

Small and medium sized enterprises in 2005 are most concerned of spam and virus attacks and are prepared to spend as needed to bolster their protection, according to findings of a study examined top IT security fears among small businesses.

Air Force under Identity Theft Attack

Attackers successfully managed to break into a military computer database and steal private information, social security numbers on roughly 33,000 Air Force officers. The breach put Air Force at a greater risk of possible identity fraud attack.

One-Stop Security

Confusion, fear, procrastination; these are words often associated with making decisions about IT security and as threats become more sophisticated it is easy to see why. The increasing popularity for workforce mobility and remote networking have made detecting and eliminating threats purely from within the corporate network alone an inadequate approach to network security.

Case Study: Choosing Network Monitoring Software

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Hawaii found itself with a rapidly expanding network and data center. Our network devices, servers, and software were all growing in complexity and we knew that we would have to leverage technology to gain better control of our IT systems and network.

NSA PDA for the Government

General Dynamics inked an $18 million contract with the U.S. secretive Nation Security Agency to design and develop a secure mobile personal assistant for defense workers. The PDA will integrate all type of communications it in including voice, data and web.

Consumers Show Security Concerns

The findings of a survey commissioned by RSA Security reveal an improvement in consumer’s awareness to online security concerns. The survey examined the willingness for better authentication and the impact of the authentication used by businesses on their consumers.

Protecting Data To Deliver Business Value

The exponential growth of business data has dramatically changed the way in which information is viewed, stored and accessed, directly impacting the way in which the information lifecycle is managed today. Over 98% of all business information today exists in digital form.