Monthly Archives: August 2005

PST: Email Personal Store or Corporate Pest?

In business few people will go a day without using email in one form or another, some people are positively addicted to it. We happily discuss terms of a contract with a supplier, have internal pricing discussions and yes, even arrange that lunch with the person sitting next to us.

The Future of Computer Worms

The current trend in worms seems to go the bot route. Bots-programs that operate as an agent for a user or another program-are most often seen as malware and keep attacking unsuspected users in surprisingly high numbers. This document details the possible new additions and modifications that bot authors might incorporate to their hideous creations… Read More »

Sony’s PlayStation Portable is Hackers Heaven

The announcement of PlayStation Portable for most people means a new cool gaming device, but with computer hackers the story is a bit different. Hackers have already managed to turn it inside out and figure out how to do things with them that Sony never intended.

Microsoft Anti-Phishing Tool to Detect Identity Theft

Microsoft will soon offer the general public the next generation of its anti-phishing tool. The new tool will try to help fighting identity-theft attacks using enhanced phishing scanner that will warn users about phishing attacks that could lead to identity theft attacks.

CipherTrust Stops Spam at the Network Edge

CipherTrust is breaking out of the firewall with a new appliance that will stop over 50 percent of unwanted traffic at the network edge before it reaches the firewall, thus acting as buffer between the internet and the corporate email gateway.

Zotob Authors were arrested in Europe by FBI

Local law-enforcement authorities of Morocco and Turkey, in co-operation with the FBI, have arrested two people on charges of creating and unleashing the worm. Microsoft Internet Crime Team worked closely with the law agencies to provide technical support during the investigation.

Data Storage and Infrastructure Management

The volume of data generated and stored by businesses is growing at an uncontrollable rate and companies have invested substantially in IT systems to help manage this growth. The challenge they face is how to manage their data storage infrastructure cost-effectively. This means developing smarter ways to juggle spend without compromising quality of service.

Intel Unveils Auto-Worm Detector

Intel has demonstrated at Intel Developer Forum a new hardware solution design to deal with computers infected with computer worms. The solution support automatically to detect infected computers by monitoring the network activity and isolate them.

Intel to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Wi-Fi

Intel is developing a new technology that could prevent unauthorized access to wireless networks using the time it takes for packets to arrive from the access point to the Wi-Fi user. This is one of several ideas were presented at Intel Developer Forum.

Cisco, Intel to Enhance Wireless

Cisco Systems and Intel announced an expansion of the existing partnership to enrich their commitment to Wireless and deliver new capabilities that enhance wireless networks, enable high-quality services and security for businesses.