Monthly Archives: June 2005

Identity Auditing is the Key to Maintaining SOX Compliance

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) has profoundly affected IT governance and operations, especially Section 404: Management Assessment of Internal Controls. Organizations of all sizes are struggling to put the processes and infrastructure in place to address SOX compliance needs.

Authentication remains a Problem for Web Services Security

Developers working on authentication methods for Web services are more likely to reply on their own custom-developed methods, rather than industry-standard methods like SSL or SOAP, survey reveals. Additionally, authentication remains the largest problem in Web services security schemas.

IT Professionals Ignore Removable Media Risks

Companies’ information security expenditure could all be for nothing as they turn a blind eye to the threat of removable media, according to a recently published survey. The survey highlights that a large number of organisations are yet to address the problem of removable media even though they are aware of the associated dangers.

IT security, for employees too

Health and safety rules in the workplace have a clear objective: to prevent accidents and illness among workers. Nevertheless, each rule can be seen from two quite distinct viewpoints: that of the worker and that of the employer.

Companies will Replace VPNs

In a study on VPN hardware and software, network managers cited technology changes as the reason they replace VPN products, an indication that vendors would do well to capitalize on technology shifts to enter the market or disrupt market leaders.

Security Tops List of Financial Executives Concerns

For the first time, information security topped this year’s list of concerns related to technology among financial executives, replacing prioritizing technology investments, according to a newly published research. Only one in five chief financial officers are satisfied with their security programs.

Keeping Voice Safe in the New Converged Age

Converged voice and data systems are now a reality. They are bringing a myriad of benefits to customers – ranging from efficient use of bandwidth to enhanced scalability, cost reductions and improved productivity. Companies can now operate a wide range of applications over a single network platform including unified messaging, video conferencing, and flexible remote… Read More »

SNMP Monitoring: One Critical Component To Network Management

Although SNMP agents provide essential information for effective network monitoring and troubleshooting, SNMP alone does not provide all the information you need to stay on top of your network. For comprehensive analysis of many issues, a network analyser with packet capture capabilities is required as well.