Monthly Archives: June 2005

IT Security? The Key for Employee Productivity

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech work environment, employees rely on computers to perform most job functions. A recently published research reveals the repercussions of computer viruses and other security problems and their correlation to downtime on the job in small and medium businesses.

Building True Business Continuance Solutions Over IP

A well-known study from Gartner Group estimates that 43 percent of businesses who experience a major disaster fail within five years and 29 percent fail within the first two to four months. As a direct result of this, business continuance represents one of the top IT data center initiatives for company of all sizes, and… Read More »

Patch Management: Q&A with Thom Bailey

Patches are small, sometimes temporary “quick fixes” that address often critical software flaws. Patches are usually made available by software vendors in between service packs or version upgrades upon confirmation that a software flaw affects a large number of users with usually serious consequences.

Growing Need for Network Access Control

With network security in the spotlight due to recent data breaches, chief security officers and security executives highlight the need for tighter user access control and continued concern about security threats and patching, despite increased security budgets.

What can the storage industry expect from IP storage?

Businesses and organisations throughout Europe are generating, managing and storing exponentially growing volumes of data in order to retain their competitive advantage. And throughout 2005 we can expect to see even more of the same.

Driving low-end SANs

For many years, companies have been faced with managing electronic data levels that are growing exponentially. The increasing reliance on digital technologies, coupled with the need to comply with new legislation, has also brought home the need to introduce an effective storage solution.

Microsoft Issues Security Updates

Microsoft Corporation has released three critical security updates to repair a vast range of vulnerabilities in Windows and its browser Internet Explorer. The critical updates are part of the company monthly update report.

Establishing Trust on the Internet

Trust is in the heart of each and every Transaction. Without Trust there is no commerce – online or otherwise. E-commerce vendors have chosen the web as their medium for transaction, but this creates new challenges for establishing trust with customers.

The Future of Optical Storage

The use of optical storage has been part of the computer industry for more than 25 years. It has proven itself as a cost effective mass-market consumable in the form of CDs and DVDs and also as a professional data archival technology, in a 12 inch format first and then later in a 5.25 inch… Read More »

The nemesis of British business – hacker or slacker?

Energis, the only telecoms company focused exclusively on the biggest organisations in the UK and Ireland, has warned that British business is at risk from workers’ online addictions. Responding to a recent report claiming that downloading porn represents 50 percent of all IT abuse in the public sector, the company warned that the issue is… Read More »