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it observer – a new instant messaging worm could allow hackers to take control of computers, reports panda softwar

PandaLabs has reported the appearance of a new example of malware, Oscarbot.F, a worm that could allow a malicious user to take action on the infected computer, and which is designed for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), a popular instant messaging application, especially in the United States. Panda Software´s TruPreventTM Technologies have managed to block and… Read More »

User’s Choice – Pirated Software

One third of the software installed on personal computers worldwide was pirated, according to a study published by Business Software Alliance. The report indicates that software piracy continues to be a major challenge worldwide.

Employees Fall for the Phish

IT decision-makers who work for organizations with at least 100 employees were surveyed on phishing and IT security in the workplace. The survey revealed that employees fallen for the phish in nearly half of the businesses and the majority of businesses are not protected from phishing attacks.

Centralized Management of Enterprise Network Security and the Never Ending Logs

Security policies and architectures are becoming ever more complex and demanding. There is still a need to restrict which users can access a particular server or application. But governments and regulatory agencies worldwide are imposing stringent new rules to protect individual privacy, enhance state security and support law enforcement efforts.

The Next Challenge: Mobile Devices Security

IT Managers admit that managing the security pressures posed by the growing number of mobile devices – laptops, Blackberries, USB devices, PDAs etc. – used by employees is the biggest challenge in information security. Yet, they encourage companies to use them.

IM at Work Means Extra Security Threats

The emerging use of Instant Messaging (IM) as a business communication tool in the UK is exposing companies to new security threats, according to a poll of more than 2000 UK consumers. The polls findings indicate that over 60 percent of companies are unprotected from the threats arising from misuse of instant messaging.

Businesses Suffer From Lack of Security Awareness

More than half of organizations slow to act against IT security threats, according to findings of a new study released today. The study reveals that a large discrepancy exists between the information technology security and that businesses say they need and the level of education and prevention occurring within these organizations.

Identity Theft – More Than Just a Security Threat

Phishing and identity theft attacks continue to increase dramatically, according to an independent survey of consumers, conducted by First Data Crop. The survey found that almost seven percent have been victimized by identity theft and 45 percent have received a phishing contact.

Confessions of a CTO

Maybe it’s the culture of Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil, and Oprah, but whatever is at the root of it, it seems that many CSOs and CIOs have suddenly decided to bare their souls and come clean, and as a result are discovering that like most things in life it does help to talk about your… Read More »