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Top 10 Security Checklist for SOHO Wireless LANs

Corporations, government agencies, the military, and enterprises—in fact all medium-to-largescale wireless LANs have a different set of security requirements from the wireless LAN used in your home or in small offices. Enterprise wireless security requires advanced mutual authentication and strong encryption solutions.

worried about identity theft?

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. (May 23, 2005) – Stealth Ideas Inc (, a manufacturer of computer peripherals designed to protect consumer privacy, today released the much-awaited upgrade to last year’s hot personal security device. StealthSurfer II, the fully redesigned, thumb-sized flash storage drive now includes on-board integration with Anonymous Surfing™, an identity protection program from Anonymizer®.… Read More »

Identity Theft Fears most US Citizens

Despite a recent push in identity theft prevention awareness by major organizations and government agencies, 75 percent of US citizens believe that their identity is no more secure than one year ago. Consumers do not believe current and traditional methods of security are good enough to protect them against identity theft.

VoIP: Telecom Then, Telecom Now

In order to clearly understand the next generation of telephone technology, let’s go back a step to how traditional telephone networks work. An analog telephone line is installed from the telephone company and the customer is issued a telephone number.

The Battle with Spyware and Adware

Less than a year ago, the National Cyber Security Alliance reported that 80 percent of consumers had adware or spyware on their home PCs. Further information reveals that spyware is on the rise in industries as well, affecting offices, hospitals, and financial institutions.

Why Offshore Outsourcing Projects Fail

We have all heard of outsourcing projects, particularly those that involve offshore, that have failed. Some recent examples of failed offshore outsourcing have made headlines and become hotly debated among opponents and supporters of outsourcing.

Information Security Issues for Instant Messaging

In today’s fast-moving business environment, Instant Messaging offers a number of advantages, such as sending e-mails, transfer file etc. Because IM uses Peer-to-Peer technology to enable direct communication, it can allow hackers to bypass firewalls and access IT systems and has the potential to threaten your entire network with a whole raft of security attacks.

UK Businesses Suffer from Email Failures

Email failure is costing UK businesses more that 1bn a year and impacting on reputation and profits, according to a research publisher this week. Further more, e-mail failure is likely to grow due to increase dependency of marketer on e-mails as a preferred communication form.

The Evolution of IT Training Strategies

Since 2000, IT companies and IT departments within corporations have undergone significant reductions in spend across the board – leaving companies to revamp training strategies. There are essentially three forms of training strategies under discussion each with its own advantages and disadvantages for not only the consultant/employee but also for the company: instructor-led training, e-learning… Read More »