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Traits of Successful Information Security Leaders

Information security leaders – the CSOs, CISOs and IT Directors and Managers – play a critical role in today’s organizations. From safeguarding intellectual property to protecting sensitive customer information to managing internal IT controls to adhering to rampant government regulations, information security leaders have a lot on their plates.

Achieving Data Privacy in the Enterprise

In spite of a range of security technologies being deployed, devastating thefts of sensitive data continue to occur. To address these threats, many organizations are looking to deploy data privacy solutions- solutions that ensure the security of data inside the enterprise.

Microsoft Launched Anti-Spam Tools

The software giant Microsoft has launched tools and services to help ISPs fight spam and phishing. These new services complement ongoing industry efforts supported by Microsoft to help protect MSN Hotmail customers as well as the overall e-mail community from online security threats such as spam, phishing and viruses.

Using a Network Analyser as a Security Tool

Because firewalls and other defensive security measures are not failsafe, you need additional tools to detect and respond to security breaches as they occur. A network analyser can detect known (and even some unknown) virus attacks and make the cleanup process much more efficient.

Voice of reason – Top Ten tips for VoIP

Introducing VoIP delivers significant business benefits, with a reduction in costs an obvious example. But as VoIP continues to gain a foothold within enterprises there are a number of factors that organisations should take into consideration.

Security is Fine, Users are not

Network administrators are comfortable with security at their business in such areas as desktop PCs, remote access, physical security, and data centers, but concerned about their users, who through their ignorance and errors remain a significant cause of security vulnerabilities.

Top Email Concerns: Corporate Policies and Security

Theft of trade secrets and valuable intellectual property – including business critical documents stolen by employees who use web-based email to “smuggle” such information out of the company – may be costing British businesses millions a year, according to a recently published report.

The Seven Laws of Information Risk Management

The productivity and cost savings associated with relying on technology to streamline internal operations, better arm sales forces and communicate more effectively with partners and customers are enormous. The Achilles´ heel of this otherwise economical strategy is that terabytes of proprietary digital data can be taken by external or internal sources and used for ill-gotten… Read More »

Easy to Implement Security Improvements

If your organization looks at security as a product that comes off the shelf, you will always need another product to help address security issues. As your organization makes each additional purchase to improve security, you will see a diminishing return on your investments.

Troubleshooting WLANs to improve Wi-Fi uptime and security

IEEE 802.11-based wireless LANs, also called Wi-Fi networks, are quickly expanding into mainstream areas of business from their traditional niche applications in warehouses and on retail floors. As a result, it is becoming equally as important for network engineers and technicians to have the necessary tools to troubleshoot and secure their wireless networks, as it… Read More »