Monthly Archives: March 2005

Pharming – a new technique for Internet fraud

Hackers appear to have an increasing interest in reaping financial reward from their actions and creations. If until now, phishing – using emails to lure users into entering data into spoofed online banking websites – was one of the most widespread fraud techniques, ´pharming´ now poses an even greater threat.

Skype offers free WiFi calls at hotspots

Skype, the leading provider of internet phone calls, and Broadreach Networks, announced a partnership offering free calls over Wi-Fi from handheld devices at 350 locations across the UK.

it observer – syngress announces “black hat physical device security: exploiting hardware and software” by black hat, inc

Rockland, MA March 4, 2005 — Syngress Publishing, Inc., today announced the publication of “Black Hat Physical Device Security: Exploiting Hardware and Software” (ISBN: 1-932266-81-X). Black Hat, Inc. is the premier, worldwide provider of security training, consulting, and conferences. In this book, the Black Hat experts show readers the types of attacks that can be… Read More »

FireFox: Security Flaw Fixed

Mozilla Foundation has decided to issue the first security update to its Firefox 1.0 Internet browser only eleven weeks after the initial release.