Monthly Archives: March 2005

HTTP Response Splitting

“HTTP Response Splitting” is a new application attack technique which enables various new attacks such as web cache poisoning, cross user defacement, hijacking pages with sensitive user information and an old favorite, cross-site scripting (XSS).

it observer – cisco enhances recertification policy for ccs

San Jose — Cisco Systems(R) (NASDAQ:CSCO) today announced an enhancement to the recertification policy for the CCSP professional level certification. In addition to passing any CCIE written exam, or achieving the CCIE Expert level certification, effective immediately, the Cisco SAFE Implementation (CSI) exam, will now serve to recertify the CCSP professional level certification.

Motorola claims Apple delayed iTunes phone

Motorola executives said that the company failed to show its upcoming iTunes phone at the CeBIT technology fair in Germany because of a dispute with Apple about announcing products months before they are ready for purchase.

An IT Manager’s Insight into Securing Removable Media

Removable media devices are here to stay. Their ease of use and low cost have made them ubiquitous in the work environment – but at what price? In this article we look at the pro’s and con’s of removable media, and the steps IT managers can take to mitigate the security risks associated with them.