Monthly Archives: February 2005

Nokia 6680 at the 3GSM Conference?

With the 3GSM World Conference just around the corner, Nokia have today filed a diagram of a new phone with the FCC. This diagram is rumored to be of the elusive Nokia 6680. There is also talk that Nokia will unveil this phone at the 3GSM Conference which will be held in Cannes starting Monday.

Malware in 2005

Whenever we enter a new year, there is a tendency to expect new trends in the world of malware. However, changes are going to be slight, nothing like the sort of surprises that we got from other malicious code in the past.

Mobile systems: a threat to corporate security

In recent years, corporate security levels have significantly improved. There is much more effective control of Internet connections, security tools installed on networked computers, user training, etc.

Intel Expands 64-bit Lines

Intel has announced that it will be selling a new line of Xeon processors in the next quarter. The new 64-bit processors are code-named “Potomac” and “Cranford” according to Phil Brace, director of marketing for Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group.

Microsoft Grabs Anti-Virus Firm

Microsoft’s recent announcement that they are buying yet another antivirus company – Sybari Software – is having roughly the effect of an earthquake in the technology industry. Some people are being shaken up – including the stock prices of antivirus makers Symantec and McAfee – and others are simply watching to see what the damage… Read More »

Big Microsoft “Patch Tuesday” This Month

Microsoft is set to unleash a flurry of patches during this month’s Patch Tuesday. 13 new patches will be released, including several critical and highly critical updates. The sheer number of patches should be enough overwhelm all but the most patch-ready network and server administrators, which should be both a blessing and a curse.

VoIP’s Biggest Threat: Security

The VoIP Security Alliance (VoIPSA)has released a report on the state of Voice over IP (VoIP) and the challenges it faces. At the top of the list is the issue of security – if hackers can attack the very calls we make, they may have the leverage necessary to do serious damage.

Secure VPN connections

A growing number of company employees now need to spend many hours working from outside of the office. However, at the same time, in order to ensure rapid and effective communications with clients or suppliers, it is essential that they are connected to the corporate network.

Let the Search Engine Wars Begin!

News this week from Microsoft, Google and Yahoo has industry experts chiming that the search engine wars are indeed heating up. Microsoft launched its first ever homegrown search engine, Yahoo! released a more intuitive search service known as Y!Q, and Google upped the ante in local search by making Google! Local a production service available… Read More »

Email Collapse Over-Hyped

In spite of a recent announcement by SpamHaus security experts, Anti-spam and security experts claim that the global email infrastructure is doing just fine. Earlier this week, Steve Linford, director of SpamHaus, warned that email infrastructures were looking at a complete collapse due to a virus infecting zombie machines and relaying email via ISP’s mail… Read More »