Monthly Archives: February 2005

Microsoft reminds: SP2 deadline is close

Microsoft has recently reminded to the users of its Windows XP operating system that the 240-day grace period for delayed Service Pack 2 (SP2) upgrade comes to the end on April 12.

UK Government Virus Alert Site Launched

The Home Office has followed the US Department of Homeland Security and launched the IT Security Awareness for Everyone (ITsafe) site, which is aimed at protection of home users and small businesses from malicious software and hacker attacks.

Security Considerations for Voice Over IP Systems

Voice over IP – the transmission of voice over packet-switched IP networks – is one of the most important emerging trends in telecommunications. As with many new technologies, VOIP introduces both security risks and opportunities.

Paris Hilton’s Hacked Phone a Lesson

Paris Hilton´s phone numbers continued to be the hot search item on the Web Tuesday, as surfers hoped to get the phone numbers of dozens of Hollywood celebrities whose contact information was leaked courtesy of the socialite´s hacked T-Mobile Sidekick II device.

EU Parliament Rejects Software Patents

The European Parliament on Thursday has rejected the European Computer Implemented Inventions Directive that would have allowed software that is part of a device to be patented.

New MyDoom virus targets search engines

A new variant of the MyDoom virus, uses popular web searchers, such as Google, AltaVista, Yahoo and Lycos to search for email addresses, is spreading rapidly according to a number of anti-virus companies.