Monthly Archives: January 2005

IBM Opens Up

IBM announced that it will be releasing the code for more than 500 software patents – allowing Open Source developers of the world to leverage the technology for the benefit of companies everywhere.

McAfee Ships Google Hacking Tool

McAfee released an updated version of its Foundstone SiteDigger security tool this week. SiteDigger is designed to help enterprises identify damaging information which may be exposed to the world at large through search engines.

IPSec VPN Advanced Troubleshooting Guide

Due to the complexity of the IKE and IPsec protocols, achieving interoperability in a multivendorenvironment has always been a significant challenge to VPN administrators. In 1998, ICSA Labs addressed this issue by establishing an IPsec Product Developers Consortium and anIPsec Product Certification Testing Program with interoperability as the primary focus.

Oracle Unveils Mobile Database

Oracle unveiled its new Database Lite 10g today. Designed for mobile deployment on laptops and PDA’s, Oracle is targeted at companies whose needs include the ability for mobile users to synchronize enterprise application data.

New Skulls Cellphone Virus

A new version of the Skulls smartphone virus has begun to appear on various cellphone download sites. Infected users risk losing all of the data on their phones.

Internet Set to Change in Next 10 Years

The year is 2014. There are computers in your clothes, refrigerator, car and phone constantly transmitting your whereabouts, purchases, mood and health to massive databases around the world. And your life is being mined to provide you with the best “life experience” possible.

Extremely Critical IE Flaw Discovered

Secunia upgraded a vulnerability assessment from last year from “highly critical” to “extremely critical” yesterday. The vulnerability is in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 and affects users of IE on Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Security Enhancement in WLANs Utilizing 802.1x

Security enhancements for wireless LANs are available through the IEEE 802.1x standard and through dynamic key encryption (WPA) based on the widely accepted Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP). 802.1x requires users to authenticate with an authentication and authorization server (RADIUS, LDAP, or Active Directory).

AMD to Introduce New Mobile Processor

Advanced Micro Devices is set to unveil its Turion processor line. The Turion mobile processor is designed for the new “thin and light” notebooks which are increasing in popularity.

Apple Sued Over iTunes

An iTunes Music Store (iTMS) has launched a lawsuit against Apple claiming anticompetitive behavior – Slattery alleges that purchasing music from the iTMS requires that he use Apple’s iPod.