Monthly Archives: January 2005

Defining a Successful Wireless Solution

Wireless data communications is set to move from a niche to mainstream business tool rapidly over the next few years. Although the growth rates differ, every published market study points to increasing business use of wireless technologies.

Texans Go After Spammer

Texas has become the latest state to attempt to put a stop to spammers when it launched a lawsuit against a University of Texas student and a California resident.

Google Focuses Mini Attention on Small Businesses

Google has produced a cut-down version of its commercial search appliance specifically targeted at small and medium sized businesses. The “Google Mini” arrives alongside an upgrade to the original Google Search Appliance.

Spying on Spyware

2004 was the year that spyware became mainstream. Every computer user has been told that any issues with performance or their computer not functioning is due to the vile junk – as opposed to in days of old where poor performance could simply be blamed on “an old computer” that needed reformatting.

Best Practices for Securing Your WLAN

The steady growth of Wi-Fi in the enterprise demands that corporate IT teams learn and adopt new security methodologies tailored to the unique requirements and weaknesses of wireless networks.

Microsoft AntiSpyware Shows Promise

Microsoft announced the beta release of Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware earlier this week, and the software has been received with a mixture of appreciation and dirision.