Monthly Archives: January 2005

iPod Sets New Records

Apple’s popular iPod music players set two new records this week – surpassing 250 million downloads, and setting an average daily sales record of 1 million songs per day.

FireFox Keeps On Blazing

For the sixth month in a row, Microsoft Internet Explorer’s (IE) share of the browser market has slipped according to WebSideStory, a web analytics firm.

Malware Poses as CNN Alert

Virus writers have started spreading a new email virus, which lures potential victims by disguising itself as a news alert from CNN. According to Sophos, an antivirus company, the new virus Crowt.A do not have a set number of subjects or anything particularly easy to predict.

Sun Nabs Open Source License

The Open Source Initiative has approved Sun Microsystems’ Common Development & Distribution License (CDDL). The move paves the way for Sun to proceed with its plans to release its Solaris OS as an open source project.

Evil Twins Threaten Wi-Fi Users

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) users are at risk from a new kind of threat known as “evil twins”. Evil twins are bogus internet connections setup by fraudsters to mimi the real thing.

Virus Writer Arrested

Police in Spain have arrested a man suspected of creating a Trojan-style virus capable of making secret recordings of Internet users through their Webcams.

Intel Updates Centrino

Intel unveiled its new Centrino mobile processing platform this week. The new processor features a number of improvements designed to leverage the Centrino’s existing popularity in the mobile market.

Control Your PC From Your Mobile

Toshiba has released software which enables users to remote control their PC using their mobile phone. The software – called Ubiquitous Viewer – will be available in Japan beginning in March.

Peer-To-Peer Convicts

The trial against 2 Peer-To-Peer (P2P) network operators resulted in 2 convictions today. The trial is the first of its kind in the US.