Monthly Archives: January 2005

Blaster Maker Behind Bars

Jeffrey Parson, the teenager who unleashed the devastating “Blaster” worm was sentenced to 18 months in prison this week. The sentence is the shortest one possible under his plea agreement.

Wireless Security: Top Priority for 2005

Millions of businesses and computer users are at risk from hackers and malware writers targeting wireless internet systems and mobile telephone devices in 2005 according to the latest data for live digital attacks collected by the mi2g Intelligence Unit in Q4 2004.

Car RFID Tags Cracked

The safety of the RFID tags embedded in car keys has been called into question by a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University.

Apple Trips on Mac Mini

Apple Computers’ founder Steve Jobs has a way about him. He has a halo, or a blessing, or something that makes it so that whatever he does gets eaten up by the Mac community. And often they’ll have a second helping. And sometimes even a third.

Google Nabs FireFox Developer

Google, the world’s largest search engine, has hired the lead engineer of the FireFox web browser. FireFox has become something of a movement of late, achieving more than 20 million downloads with an ad budget created from user donations, a lot of passion and millions of committed evangelists.

Apple Lures PC Users with Mac Mini

Apple’s Mac Mini is making a splurge on the news outlets of the world. The buzz? Could the Mac Mini tempt PC users into trying out Apple’s little platform?

Creating Secure, Cost-Effective WLANs

WLANs offer enterprises great benefits, such as worker mobility and increased productivity, but they pose great risks, as well. Enterprises cannot afford to have their internal networks and daily operations jeopardized by the well-known shortcomings of WLAN security.

Google to Launch VoIP Product?

From the rumor mill of “what will Google’s next product be” comes the suggestion that Google may be working on a Voice over IP (VoIP) product.

Symantec Goes After Email Security

Symantec made big news as it announced the creation of its first email security appliance earlier this week. The Symantec Mail Security 8000 line confirms what security insiders have known for years – email is one of the most open gateways to any organization – something Symantec intends to fix.