2005: Viruses, Phishing and Mobile Phone Malware

By | December 7, 2005

Security firm F-Secure released today its bi-annually summery of virus, worm and malware activity. Two major worm outbreaks and a precipitous rise in virus count define the second half of 2005.

The second half of this year was an exceptional figure in virus history. By the end of the year, the viruses count to rise from 110,000 to approximately 150,000 viruses. At the same time, network worms outbreaks dropped significantly with only two major attacks – one in September, with the Zotob worm, and the second with the Sober.Y worm.

Further more, in November, F-Secure detected the use of rootkit technology in the digital rights management software (DRM) used by Sony. This epidemic raised bigger issues for entertainment companies in the way they handle data security issues.

Finally, 2005 was also a year characterized by criminal phishing attacks and the year which saw the number of mobile phone malware exceed the 100 mark with alarming force about serious intentions to exploit this arena.

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