Monthly Archives: December 2004

Symantec Buys Veritas

Computer security maker Symantec is buying backup and storage maker Veritas, to create the world´s fourth-largest software maker. The all-stock acquisition was initially valued at $13.5 billion, but the price dropped rapidly as investors worried that the deal signaled a slowing in Symantec´s ability to deliver growth.

Security Concerns in EAI

This paper provides information on security-related issues in integration of enterprise applications and gives an overview of the risks and counter measures to consider when planning and implementing security.

Apple to make cellphone with Motorola

After months of rumours and speculation, Apple has finally announced that they will be working with Motorola to make a cellphone, which has already been dubbed the iPhone by Internet users.

Bah Humbug Virus

Apparently virus writers don´t like Christmas very much. An email worm posing as a Christmas greeting began spreading early yesterday. Zafi-D arrives with an infected attachment – often written in a variety of languages such as English, Spanish and Russian – though virus firms believe it was created in Hungary.

FireFox Up 34%

Use of FireFox climbed a staggering 34 percent in November, reports WebSideStory, a web analytics company.

The Changing Threat Landscape

Although Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report confirms a significant increase in 2003 of malicious code that exposes confidential data, enterprise security is evolving to meet the challenge of these cyber attacks. A firewall is no longer just a firewall as newer software includes VPN tunneling and antivirus capabilities.