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Data Integrity – The Unknown Threat

Much of the attention commanded by computer security issues focuses on threats from external sources. Firewalls and perimeter defense tools are deployed to deny unauthorised entry to the network. Experts look for vulnerabilities and ways to ensure that the perimeter cannot be breached.

Unix AIX Security

This paper is meant to serve as an introductory guide to the basic security and server hardening functions present in AIX. Many of the features and functions shown throughout this guide are applicable to AIX 4.3 and above, but are more directed toward AIX 5.2. This guide attempts to cover a lot of ground and… Read More »

New Virus for Pocket PC

The Duts virus has surprised us, as it infects a new system, the Windows version for “Pocket PC”. This virus should perhaps cause great alarm; it is a conceptual test that should make all users take steps to avoid infection. Basically, this conceptual test (I refuse to call it a virus) has a series of… Read More »

SSH Clients for Pocket PC

Wireless-enabled devices, the latest electronic marvels, are steadily becoming integral part of enterprise infrastructure due the tremendous benefits and advantages they bring. Compact, with fast Internet connection they provide a vast range of services but unfortunately there is a cost – generally speaking, wireless-enabled devices are far less secure than their wired counterparts.

Happy Holidays from

The IT-Observer team would like to wish all of you a happy holiday and a safe journey into the New Year. On December 24th we published our final news update of 2004. No updates will take place till Jan. 4, 2005.

Training Ethical Hackers: Training the Enemy?

Training information security professionals carries the risk of training ethical and malicious hackers side-by-side. This paper defines ethical hacking, differentiates it from malicious hacking, presents some of the ways that ethical hacking is taught, identifies some of the risks associated with this training, and concludes with suggestions on how to minimize these risks.

Securing the Internal Network

The goal of this document is to define new guidelines in order to improve the security in Microsoft Windows-based internal networks. In order to be useful in real situations, these measures have been thought in function of obtaining the lowest-cost possible approach, to prevent such a project to become financially prohibitive. Security being a field… Read More »

Adobe Patches Flaws

Adobe issued a patch this week for several versions of its popular Acrobat software. The fixes clear up problems found in both Windows and Mac versions of Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Pro.

Linux to Top $35B by 2008

IDC announced today that they are expecting the Linux mark to grow to a massive $35.7 billion in the next four years – from a current high of $15 billion.