Monthly Archives: November 2004

Sun to extend Multi-Platform Managed Services

Sun Microsystems Inc. announced yesterday that it has entered into an agreement to acquire a small IT outsourcing company – SevenSpace. Sun is planning to offer it as part of its managed services business.

SCO Website Defaced Again

Malicious hackers have once again compromised The SCO Group’s website, the second time in as many days. The messages on the website appear to mock the company’s ownership claims over various parts of the Linux operating system.

IBM Unveils New “Cell” Chip

´Cell´, a wonder chip that is 10 times more powerful than conventional chips and can drive massive amounts of data very fast over broadband networks, was jointly unveiled by IBM, Sony Corp and Toshiba Corp on Monday in the US.

The State of Open Source in the Enterprise

All over the world there are conversations happening about “The State of Open Source” in various areas. Invariably, most participants will boil these down to two hard facts: on the consumer desktop, Open Source has made very little headway but in the corporate market it is gaining strong footholds.

SmartPhones Get Smart

In an attempt to become more useful, US researchers are developing new smartphone software which watches users’ calling and usage patterns and tries to learn how best to “help”.