Monthly Archives: November 2004

greencomputer introduces antispam engine software update free antispam update available for new and existing powerelf ii server appliance customer

EDMONTON, Alberta, November 30, 2004 – Greencomputer Innovation ( is pleased to announce a major antispam engine software update for the PowerElf® II, a professional-grade server appliance solution for Small and Medium size Businesses (SMB) and schools. PowerElf® II enables any business to utilize all the functionality and protection of traditional solutions, without the high… Read More »

frontbridge and ferris research collaborate on free webinar series on how to protect businesses from spammers latest trick

WHAT: FrontBridge Technologies is hosting a free webinar titled, “Spam Wars: How to Protect Your Enterprise from Spammers Latest Tricks.” The first of a two-part series explains how spam has evolved and what companies can do to prevent the latest attacks. Ferris Research will also describe how spammers are beating current content analysis techniques, including… Read More »

Cisco Relaunches Catalyst Line of Switches

Cisco, the world’s leading network equipment manufacturer, announced today what it calls the world’s first Gigabit enabled IP phone in addition to a suite of enhancements to its popular Catalyst line of switches.

wireless valley announces strategic intent for wimax, zigbee and rfid suppor

AUSTIN, Texas–Nov. 30, 2004–Wireless Valley(R) Communications — a leading RF software company with widely used products for the efficient deployment, monitoring and ongoing operation of any wireless network — today announced its strategic intent to extend its spectrum of wireless support through the development of innovative products for emerging RF technologies such as WiMax, ZigBee… Read More »

UK IT Directors unaware of offshore alternatives

A research released today reveals major pitfalls in Gartner’s prediction that almost 30 percent of Europeans businesses will include an offshore factor in their IT plans for next year and that 25 percent of IT jobs will move offshore by 2010.

Microsoft Dumps Windows 2000 SP5 Plans

Microsoft announced today that its previous plans to release a 5th service pack for Windows 2000 were not in customers’ best interests. Instead, the Redmond-based company has decided to issue a collection of current updates, thus enabling customers to update their machines more quickly.

iPod Adoption Outpaces Sony Walkman

One of the “must have” gifts this holiday season is the Apple iPod, the digital equivalent to Sony’s popular Walkman. The iPod, which stores music files downloaded from the internet, accounts for about 90% of the unit sales of hard-drive based players and more than 65 percent of the overall segment, according to Apple.