Monthly Archives: September 2004

An IT Manager’s Insight into Mobile Security

Mobile security is a hot issue, but who is listening? Who really cares? The mere word of security sends most people running. Investing in preventative IT security has never been a very popular topic. Most board directors clam-up and switch off at the words “Your company could be at risk if you don’t invest in… Read More »

Defending IT Infrastructure Through Effective Patch Management

Imagine that you are the IT Director of a large retail bank with an active and highly visible Internet banking service. While driving into the office, half-listening to the radio news, you hear your bank’s name being announced, immediately followed by the words “hacker”, “massive system failure” and “identity theft”.

Intrusion Prevention Systems

The inadequacies inherent in current defences has driven the development of a new breed of security products known as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).

The Dangers of Spyware

Spyware programs are applications that send information via the Internet to the creator of the spyware, or the publisher. Spyware usually consists of core functionality and functionality for information gathering.

10 Things you should know about IT Training

In the bid to acquire skills and knowledge in today’s information age, many are turning to IT Training. For many individuals and organizations, the need for training has never been greater. This hunger for IT training is driven by the rapid rate of change in all spheres of life that are now affected by information… Read More »

Biometrics in the Workplace

With recent events in mind, employees are demanding that companies around the world look at new security measures to protect them and the companies themselves. In fact, according to a recent Harris Interactive survey, conducted for Privacy & American Business, a majority of employees feel that their employers should be strengthening ID procedures for entering… Read More »

Public Key Infrastructure – Technology or Hype?

PKI has been getting a lot of bad press of late, but is it justified? Has the technology failed or is it a problem of implementation? First it is important to distinguish between public key cryptography (as discovered by Rivest, Shamir and Adelman, or Clifford Cocks) and PKI or public key infrastructure.

Know Your Enemy: Learning about Security Threats

Ever wanted to monitor what´s going on in the internet by seeing it first hand? Well honeypots enable you to do that. This book is an official release of the HoneyNET Project, the leaders in honeypot technology. The book “Know Your Enemy: Learning About Security Threats” is extremely informative and detailed. From here on out,… Read More »

Are You Indulging In Unprotected Wireless?

Wireless PCs and wireless laptops are being increasingly used in both business and the home. The reason for this marked trend is that wireless computers are easy to deploy, cheap and are usually simpler to manage than standard wired connections. In the business world, smaller companies with two to two hundred and fifty users, find… Read More »