Monthly Archives: June 2004

Fighting Network threats with a Network Analyzer

This article shows how a network analyzer, historically used for network troubleshooting, can also be used to defend against the security threats. Certain features of a network analyzer can be set to monitor for virus and attack signatures and offer quick ways of isolating infected systems. For those organizations that are looking to invest in… Read More »

802.11 Wireless LAN Fundamentals

Wireless networks and technologies are no longer a new concept. The freedom of flexibility, increase of productivity and the much sought-after mobility are only few of the benefits that 802.11-based networks provide. This appeals to the enterprise and home users to take the next step and deploy a wireless network onto their network and business… Read More »

Key Considerations for Outsourcing Security

As last summer’s virus attacks vividly demonstrated, companies of every size are finding themselves hard pressed to maintain around-the-clock network security. Arriving nearly simultaneously, the Blaster, Welchia, and Sobig.F worms invaded hundreds of thousands of corporate computers, resulting in billions of dollars of damages and lost productivity.

Secure Web Based Mail Services

There used to be a time when secure e-mail management was simple. “Managing” meant sorting through your e-mail messages and putting them into appropriate folders. Secure e-mail back then meant using a simple password for e-mail access.

Wireless Infidelity

While the growth of 802.11b wireless networking has been explosive, problems with security of data being transmitted have plagued the technology almost since its conception. Still in spite of its drawbacks 802.11b has some compelling reasons for its deployment, both by the consumer and in the enterprise. Those reasons include its low cost, its ease… Read More »

Managing the security of data flow

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are cited as one of the major technology successes of the last decade. These ´super databases´ enable the real-time sharing of information across global organisations, increasing the visibility of the sales pipeline and providing a central control of the customer experience.

Securing the Wireless Enterprise

With recent technological advances, wireless devices are well positioned to add value as corporate productivity tools. Investments in this area have the potential to provide widespread improvements in mobile worker efficiency, business activity monitoring, exception handling, and organizational throughput.

The benefits of outsourcing

Information Technology departments often demand one of the largest annual budgets in the company, but where does the money go? We all know that IT budgets are spent on everything from resourcing and training to upgrading with latest technologies, but as Shareholders, Directors and Chief Information Officers (CIO’s) are we aware how much spending is… Read More »

Windows Server Hacks

Are you a systems administrator in a Windows server environment? If so, then this is the book for you. It contains numerous hacks pertaining to all different kinds of subjects in a Windows server environment. Everything from access control to networking is covered in this book. If you are interested in using hacks to quicken… Read More »