Monthly Archives: December 2003

Review: SpeedUpMyPC

This program is a new powerful system utility from LIUtilities Inc. that helps you get the most out of your computer without being a windows expert. Its features: free up memory and other resources, optimizing your internet connection, reassign CPU to improve performance, prevent crashes and reduce startup times considerably.

GFI LANGuard Security Scanner

GFI LANGuard is a powerful network security scanner by GFI Ltd. that enables you to fix lousy security before a hacker would exploit them. It scans your network and system for potential security holes and lets you deploy the necessary patches and services packs to eliminate the problem.

The Virus That Came From Outer Space

An American website has published a warning of the possible appearance of a virus from outer space. No, it´s not a joke. The claim was made by Richard Carrigan, a physicist with the Fermi National Acceleration Laboratory in Batavia (Illinois).

21st Century Infamous Competitions

As all true fans of Westerns know, any bad guy worth his salt will have a score of notches marked on the butt of his revolver: each notch symbolizing another tombstone somewhere in the far west, and yet more kudos for the gunslinger in question.