1-Defender protects users against zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer

By | April 28, 2006

AMUST Software today announced that its latest product, AMUST 1-Defender provides the most effective first line defense against the newest zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

1-Defender, a free security utility offers the most effective protection against Microsoft IE zero-day vulnerabilities used by malicious web sites and rogue emails which target user computers with spyware, keyloggers, rootkits, viruses and other malware.

1-Defender reduces and eliminates the risks by allowing users to work with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Windows Messenger in SafeInternet mode. SafeInternet Mode protects user PC from malicious software by employing Least Privileged User Account (LUA) that does not reduce Windows usability and flexibility, and does not downgrade users´ Internet experience while making Internet experience safer and much more secure.

Microsoft is planning to introduce a new feature called Internet Explorer “Protected Mode” in the next version of Windows – Windows Vista. In addition, Windows Vista will run most applications in a Least Privileged User Account by default to reduce security risks. 1-Defender 2.0 offers users the same SafeInternet mode functionality for Windows XP today!

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