10-Strike Software rReleases 10-Strike LANState 3.0

By | November 8, 2006

10-Strike LANState is a network management and administration software solution for corporate Microsoft Windows networks. LANState contains a network device status monitor, which allows administrator to see the state of network on a graphic diagram at any time, and obtain notifications on the time devices go out or the time they become available, and thus ensure prompt responding to failures minimizing time loss.

LANState generates the network map, which speeds up accessing to remote hosts´ resources, and managing those. Employing LANState makes it easier to monitor processes in networks of any ranges or sizes because of the opportunity to link external applications like file managers or remote administration software to the program. The program includes a number of features for obtaining information on remote computers. The software does not require installing any software on the remote computers.

The functionality of the program is based on periodical polling of devices available on the graphic map by pinging them or attempting to connect to the required TCP port over the network, or applying other types of check. Administrator may set up the program´s response to particular events (when devices go down or turn on). Those may include: displaying a message, playing a sound, sending an e-mail, running external programs, recording to a log, sending a message to a mobile phone.

The version 3.0 has a completely rebuilt host monitoring mechanism. Added setting individual monitoring options and individual check interval value for each device. LANState 3.0 has several new types of checks. Folder, file, file size, and free disk space monitoring have been added to the program. The background check of objects´ state is now run in multiple threads; this allows checking hundreds of objects within seconds. Added eight new network device types with unique icons.

LANState 3.0 is available at for free download. The cost of registering the program is $199.95 US.

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