10 Steps for Locking Your Wireless Network

By | April 12, 2006

SMBs love wireless. It´s fast, convenient, based on readily supported standards and it often saves you the cost of wiring. What´s not to like? Security that´s what. Even today, totally secure wireless is still more art than a standard part of the WiFi feature set.

If you´ve got a few access points running on your network, here are 10 general steps you can take to keep your data in-house rather than broadcasted like some radio station…W-HackMeNow FM.

Before trying anything with wireless security, find and kill all rogue access points. Even one can make all the other work futile. You can find them by using specific WiFi management tools, even freebies like AirSnort, but just walking around the office with a laptop in scanning mode is pretty effective, too.Read Full Story

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